Design Studio


Welcome to our design studio. We utilize the latest technology to provide you with interactive 3-D models that allow you to view a fully realized 360-degree perspective of your designed piece. In order to view the 3D models you will need to download the free Hypercosm player.

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View Interactive 3-D Model
Left mouse button rotates object. Right mouse button moves object around in browser. Both mouse buttons or the scroll wheel zooms in and out.


Below is an example of our design process. We begin with a CAD Drawing and transform the drawing into a 3D model. Using Hypercosm software we create an interactive model that can be manipulated by you. This allows you to view the ins and outs of your piece.

CAD Drawing
CAD Drawing
3D Model

3D Model
Interactive 3D Model

Interactive 3D Model Simulation

Google Sketchup - Free software that allows you to create 3D models of virtually anything. You can start creating models from scratch or you can download user submitted models from the Google 3D Warehouse.

Download Google SketchUp

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